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Spark Creativity Studio provides hands-on, engaging classes and camps that feature: Music, Art and STEM. Our goal is to provide affordable learning for the community that stimulates critical thinking and creativity.


Although we are a new location within the town of Windsor, we've provided after school enrichment on many Sonoma County school campuses through our music education offering, Move Over Mozart. We added art and STEM education into the mix in 2020.


The ability to have a location outside of the schools, such as Spark Creativity Studio, became necessary after experiencing school closures during the pandemic. Our hope is that this location will allow us to service the community better by allowing us to work with additional members, such as students that do not have us in their schools, home-schooled children, junior high and high school students, and adults and seniors of varying ages.


Through this new communal space, we'll also be able to provide our instructors and students access to higher quality tools that can't be offered in the schools due to the high volume of locations and transportation constraints. Such tools will consist of items for the makerspace, such as: tablets for working with media, a laser cutter, specialized spaces for tinkering, sewing machines, t-shirt presses, etc. Outside of the makerspace, we will grant students access to more musical instruments and a wider array of art materials for further variety.


Finally, our work within Sonoma County schools and Spark Creativity Studio is important because expressive arts, such as visual arts, movement, drama, music, and writing, deserve a special place in our lives. When we engage in the arts, we receive stress relief, stimulate our cognitive learning, enhance our communication skills and achieve the ability to express ourselves authentically. During unpredictable periods, the arts serve as a vessel for healing within our journey to reignite the soul.


There is no better way to take care of your inner world than to spark creativity!


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