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Spark Creativity Studio is our new studio in Windsor, CA. This new destination will serve as our hub outside of Sonoma County Schools where we'll provide hands-on, engaging classes such as: Move Over Mozart - Music, Art, STEM and Making in our Creative Studio. Within the studio, our goal is to stimulate challenge-based thinking and creativity within our projects, while producing smiles, AHA moments, and uplifting social interactions. We are very excited about the opportunity to work with a wider age range of students in this new space, as we have classes for all grades and adults!

We just launched our fall classes, which will start during the week of October 9th. Our piano and STEAM classes will run through May 24, 2024 while the other class options will run through February 2, 2024.  Please learn more about our class options via our registration portal (and filter classes by grade)!

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