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Celebrating a birthday is a way of embracing life and its possibilities alongside family and friends. We want to help make your celebration memorable!

Birthday party events are held at SPARK Creativity studio: 9064 Brooks Rd. S, Windsor, CA. 


  • STEAM - Lego, Outer Space, Science, etc. (All Ages)               

  • Escape Room (4th Grade and up).                                              

  • Creative Arts - Drawing, Painting or Making (All Ages)            

  • Comics & Cartooning (3rd grade and up).                                

  • Wearable Designs (3rd grade and up)                                       

  • Custom Theme: Book or Movie, Video Game, etc. (All ages) 


Birthday parties are 1.5 hours in duration for a cost of $375. Party guests will gather within the main activity room. A secondary room is available to rent for 30 minutes directly following the event  for food and cake for an additional $50. Please email: or call: 707.824.0307 to discuss custom themes or any questions you may have.


Alternatively, all guests can access the Lakewood Meadows Park across the street to picnic, have cake, etc. If you would like to formerly book picnic tables at Lakewood Meadows Park, you can do so by reaching out to the Windsor Parks & Rec Center.

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