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Private Piano or Guitar lessons for grades 4-8 at the Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley in Petaluma. ​Each private lesson is 30-minutes long and the classes will run for the entire semester on Mondays. Private lessons will start at 3:15 p.m. and will be offered in 30-minute increments.

Piano and guitar instructors work with a group of 2 students during each lesson. Students rotate between a 15-minute private lesson and 15-minutes of music theory work.

The price for on-campus private lessons is $80.00 per month, with a yearly enrollment fee of $30.00. Tuition pro-rations will be provided for months with Monday holidays. 

Recital will be held in May. First class is January 13. Session ends on May 18. No classes on 1/20 (MLK), and 2/10 & 2/17 (Presidents' Holidays).

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