Our art lessons are offered one-time per week and accommodate up to eight children per each 1-hour lesson. The art lesson program runs through the end of May and is offered to children in groups: grades K-2nd and grades 3rd-5th.

The price for our art lessons is $80.00 per month, with a yearly membership fee of $50.00, which covers all course supplies. An art kit will be given to each student before the session starts with all required items for their projects.

At Present, we are only offering on-campus lessons at Taylor Mountain Elementary School in Santa Rosa.

Each child is assigned a lesson time for the duration of the school year and we coordinate with on-campus, after school care to bring students to and from lessons.


About our Payment Schedule

We invoice automatically on the day before the lesson month. In example, January 2021 payments are invoiced and due on December 31, 2020.


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