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Ji-Young Jin


Where Ji-Young Teaches Piano (Sep - May)

in Sonoma County:

Loma Vista Immersion Academy, Harvest Christian Academy, Meadow Elementary School, Grant Elementary School

& Private Lessons

Ji-Young started to play piano in 1st grade and took lessons until middle school. Since then, she has continually found herself in situations where there’s been a need for someone to play the piano—in school talent shows, friends’ weddings, church services, etc. She now feels more comfortable playing for such occasions, but prefers to do so as an accompanist, rather than as a soloist.

She was influenced by her aunt who has a PhD in Voice from Indiana University. She loved singing ever since she was little and wanted to be a soprano like her aunt, but sadly her mom didn’t think she had enough talent and didn’t support her on that idea. Instead, Ji-Young sang and accompanied herself on piano in her room whenever she had free time.


Ji-Young has been teaching piano for six years and working with Move Over Mozart for four years. As an instructor, she thinks mastery of rhythm is just as important as learning the notes. She also emphasizes practicing wisely in sections and playing slowly.

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