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Jason Howze


Where Jason Teaches Piano & Guitar (Sep - May)

in Sonoma County:

Madrone Elementary School, Mary Collins at Cherry Valley, Spring Creek Elementary School, Schaefer Charter School, Yulupa Elementary School & Private Lessons

Jason is a piano/guitar teacher for Move Over Mozart and has taught music professionally since 2016. After a 10 year career in emergency services as a firefighter/paramedic, he had 2 neck surgeries and found himself needing to apply his skills and knowledge in a new way. 


As a life-long musician, Jason's studies have focused on piano and guitar, while including voice and drama as well. He is well versed in the performing arts, so he enjoys passing these skills on to the next generation.


Currently, Jason is playing keys for a local reggae group called Un Amour Band. To date, their biggest accomplishment is opening for John Lennon’s son Sean (and Les Claypool), but they are hopeful to make a bigger splash in the music world. 

Jason's musical influences are all over the place from Beethoven and Gershwin in the more classical arena to Johnny Cash, Grateful Dead and the metal group Pantera. His teaching style is casual yet organized, built upon a foundation of discipline and adherence to the rules of music. Jason's desire for his students is that they learn correctly, but enjoy every step of the process. He looks forward to sharing a musical life with his students because "in music we are all one.​"

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