This is a new offering created to meet the needs of parents and students working together in coordinated groups towards a busy curriculum. We wanted to help provide children with an interactive environment in which to learn. For this offering, the Move Over Mozart team will come to you and provide a weekly, 1-hour group art lesson (available within Santa Rosa and Windsor) to your established learning pod. Lesson options will be offered to students in accordance with distance learning scheduling at the school district level, as we will designate a day of the week and time range to service learning pods at residences within specific school districts. This is to enable continuity if there is opportunity to shift to on-campus classes later in the school year.

For in-person private pods, masks will be worn, sanitation guidelines will be strongly enforced, and outside learning will be encouraged. Learn more about our proactive guidelines here.

Please Note: when registering for a "private pod", the seat count within each class is set to 1 on purpose, as we want to ensure that pods are kept private and limited to your entrusted learning group. Upon receiving pod registrations, we will make the class private and update the seat count to 6 students. Parents: this is your opportunity to have your child in class with their family, friends or neighbors. :)

  • 1-hour weekly art lessons are $80/month per student, plus a $50 annual membership for lesson materials.

  • M.O.M. Instructor to provide lessons at coordinated pod residence.

  • Minimum of 4 students, maximum of 8 students.

Overview: students will learn various elements and principles of art through examples of past, contemporary, and local artists. Art and design elements will be applied through appropriately curated projects. Stimulating music will be played during each session to encourage creativity. An art kit will be given to each student before the session starts with all required items for their art projects.


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