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Where Dan Teaches Piano, Guitar & Ukulele (Sep - May)

in Sonoma County:

Private Lessons Only - Petaluma

Dan Gaines

Dan Gaines has been teaching for Move Over Mozart for 4 years. He started playing piano at age 6 and took lessons through high school. He used his foundation in piano to learn guitar and ukulele when in college and has been playing ever since. When he is not teaching for Move Over Mozart, he can be found teaching high school/middle school students English; which he has had the joy of doing for 7 years.

Dan's teaching style is uplifting. He enjoys celebrating student successes, keeping a positive mindset when going over areas that students' can strengthen their skills in. He also encourages curiosity in his students and shares the things that he is curious about regarding the instruments and the songs that he continues to learn to play.  He is not a strict instructor, as he believes when a student thinks of practicing their instrument as work, they get less excited to do it.  He tries to keep the act of learning about the piano, guitar or ukulele as positive as he can, so that student's feel like learning music is an exciting activity and want to keep coming back to learn more.

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