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Serene Spetnagel


Where Serene Teaches Piano (Sep - May)

in Sonoma County:

Mark West, Windsor Christian Academy, Hidden Valley, Evergreen, Hahn, Monte Vista, & Private Lessons

Serene has been playing the piano for 14 years! She began in 2nd grade and says that her experience teaching with Move Over Mozart has truly been a blessing while attending Sonoma State University. She has always been fascinated by music and the possibilities that come with each instrument.


Along with piano, she plays the guitar (although, this is a work in progress), and has some experience with the violin and trombone. Her hometown is in sunny San Diego which means she spends a lot of time at the beach, reading in hammocks wherever she can find a spot with a nice view, drawing and searching for new music. She is studying geography and environment at SSU, as she is very interested in how the world works and loves learning new things no matter what the topic.


Serene is very excited for this new year and the opportunity to explore the musical world with her students! She believes that learning an instrument at a young age opens up so much room for creativity. When teaching, she always enjoys seeing a student’s imagination blossom as they discover what they can do with different sounds. Ultimately, she tries her best to invoke joy when making and teaching music.

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