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If you’ve been thinking about learning to play an instrument, or return to one you used to play, now is the perfect time to get started! We're offering a special promotion for new or returning private music students of all ages from June 7 - August 2021. Existing students can benefit from the promotional price too if they wish to increase their weekly lesson duration. 

During this time, the monthly tuition for our weekly, 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute private lesson options will be reduced by $30 each month. Lesson Curriculum: a fee of $11 per lesson book will be charged incrementally when lessons begin and thereafter as needed. This is a great opportunity for students to advance their skills while enjoying the many benefits of music!

Please note: upon registering, it may look as though you have to pay in a lump sum for our private lesson program, but we give you the option to pay in monthly installments or in a lump sum. If you would like to continue your music lessons beyond the month of August, the normal rates of $170/month for a 30-minute weekly lesson, $240/month for a 45-minute weekly lesson and $300/month for a 60-minute weekly lesson, will apply on September 1, 2021 and onward for private lessons.

Special consideration: we really want for our students to love their music lessons! Thus, if it makes the experience more enjoyable, we are totally open to accommodating "shared" lessons with a family member or friend as long as all students meet at one, consistent location for the duration of lessons. We have curriculum on-hand for all ages. Custom lesson durations (with a minimum of 30-minutes per week) can also be made by calling: 707.824.0307.