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Kimia Bundgard


Where Kimia Teaches Piano & Voice (Sep - May)

in Sonoma County:

Evergreen Elementary School, Marguerite Hahn Elementary School, Meadow View Elementary School, Santa Rosa French American Charter School, Sunridge School, Windsor Christian Academy, Whited Elementary School, Wright Charter School

& Private Lessons

Kimia's love for music started very early in life. She played notes on her dad's grand piano before she could even reach the keys and spent lots of time singing with her mom. Her family is very musical.  

She started piano lessons at age 7 and continued through college. In 5th grade she started to play trumpet and played all the way through college. However, her favorite instrument is her voice, as she was trained as a classical singer through her lessons in College.  She loves to sing!  She had three amazing music teachers growing up in school, and they inspired her to pursue Music.

Kimia graduated from Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS in 2005 with a Music Education Degree PreK-12, with an emphasis in Choral music. Although she didn't teach formally in a school after graduation, she continued to use her love for music, teaching it in different ways.  She helped in Kindermusik classes, taught piano lessons, directed a couple small youth choirs in churches and has served as a worship leader. She is currently a worship leader at her church.  She believes that Music is a language that speaks to everyone and it's a big part of her life.   When working with students, her hope is that they see the love and joy that she has for music and it inspires them. She loves teaching and has been teaching piano since 2007. She has been teaching with Move Over Mozart since January of 2018.

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