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John Christian


Where John Teaches Piano (Sep - May)

in Sonoma County:

Apple Blossom Elementary, Dunham Elementary, 

Gravenstein Elementary, Monte Vista Elementary

& Private Lessons

John has been playing piano since the age of ten. He asked his parents about learning and they had his grandfather's piano shipped to L.A. from Santa Cruz, CA.


Growing up, he liked to listen to his parent's records of classical, broadway and jazz influenced music. He liked listening to the Beatles, rock, folk and other styles. He remembers routinely visiting a record shop where they let you listen to the records, and recalls playing everything he could. John later played in bands in high school and has been doing gigs ever since.


John has worked for Move Over Mozart since 2016. His teaching style is relaxed. He wants his students to feel relaxed and calm as they learn and enhance their skills.

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