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10-min private lesson



15-min theory lab


Our hybrid music lesson option will be offered weekly via online video conferencing and taught by Move Over Mozart's Lead Instructor Team. Within this online lesson structure, students will have the option to learn how to play piano, ukulele or guitar. Each week students will take part in a 10-minute private lesson, plus a weekly, 15-minute group theory lab (held primarily on Mondays). There will be up to 6 students per music theory lab. Note: this will replace our YouTube video learning, as we believe that a live and engaging experience will best serve our students. 

Online Hybrid Music Lessons: Overview & Pricing

  • Online, hybrid music lessons will be offered in 2 parts:

    1. A weekly 10-minute 1:1 private music lesson

    2. A weekly 15-Minute online group theory lab with up to 6 students. Our hope is that this collaborative experience will encourage socialization.

  • Online hybrid music lessons are $50/month, plus a $30 annual membership for a curriculum set & lesson materials.

Lesson options will be offered to students in accordance with distant learning scheduling at the school district level, as a day of the week and time range will be designated to service specific districts. This is to enable continuity if there is opportunity to shift to on-campus classes later in the school year.


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