Group piano lessons are offered one-time per week and accommodate up to five children per each 30-minute lesson. The group lesson program runs from September – May and is offered to children ages 4 and up.

The price for group lessons is $40.00 per month, with a yearly enrollment fee of $30.00. This is about one-fourth the cost of private piano lessons; making lessons affordable to many families who otherwise would not be able to participate.

Each child is assigned a lesson time for the duration of the school year and we coordinate with on-campus, after school care to bring students to and from lessons.

Registrations for 4 or more children can be taken via phone.

About our Payment Schedule

We invoice 1-month in advance. In example, June payments are invoiced and due on May 1st. We appreciate your understanding!



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Lesson schedules are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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