Dear Lynn Fleck,

Our children are currently enrolled in the Move Over Mozart program and we feel very strongly about the following:

Language is the secret to success for individuals and our community.

Music is a language like engineering, medicine, English, Spanish and French.

The more languages you learn, the easier it is to learn new languages.

Commanding multiple languages will separate you from the average individual and will help you secure gainful employment.

It would be short sighted for anyone to eliminate the opportunity or spare the few dollars required now as an investment into their child’s future.

Music combines the fun of art and science into a therapeutic and mentally stimulating exercise.

There is a direct relationship between learning music and a successful experience with higher education.

Educated people are statistically more successful because of their ability to critically evaluate opportunities and positively adapt to adverse situations.

Move Over Mozart is an inexpensive investment in our children and community with a priceless return.

Rohnert Park, CA  Parent


     I am writing on behalf of my grandson to express our appreciation for providing an  "at school" room  for the M.O.M program.  My grandson was in the program all year and benefited greatly from this exposure to music and the piano lessons he received. It is a very cost-effective music program and the music teacher did an excellent job teaching and encouraging the children. My grandson is continuing to take piano lessons this summer and we plan to have him return to the M.O.M program in the fall.

     Thank you very much for your appreciation of the arts and making it possible for children to have this music opportunity in a familiar and convenient place.

 Very truly yours,

 - a grandmother


Dear Lynn,
Thank you for proving such a wonderful program. My daughter enjoys her lessons and is looking forward to starting up again.

We will definitely send a letter to the school principal in support of M.O.M. 



Dear Lynn,

Both my son and I are really looking forward to lessons in the fall. I have talked to a parent from last year and she couldn't stop raving about the program!



Dear Lynn,

Thank you for proving such a program for my child! I put off college for a bit to have my daughter but now that she is older, I'll be going back next fall. I have been going back and forth between becoming a nurse and following my love for music.  I think you helped me finalize my decision. I too am a firm believer in the importance of music in the school curriculum. I found my love for music in the 5th grade by being a part of a choir. I wanted to be a choir director. When money is low, it is a bit too easy to cut music programs out of the schools. I'm so excited for my daughter now. She is really showing so much passion for music and she is only 5. I am one of those parents who must work a lot and still provide very little extra for anything else besides bills and food. Your program is perfect for my situation. Maybe when I finish school  I will be able to provide such a service by starting choirs of teaching voice to grade school level kids as well.

Thanks again,  Keep up the good work!

Yours truly,

Dearest Lynn,

It was a pleasure being part of M.O.M 2013 piano recital witnessing the young musicians dressed in their finest enthusiastically performing for their family and friends.

 Thank you to all of the dedicated teachers that make all of this possible! Helping these kids enjoy playing music in front of an audience is such a wonderful skill and is creating wonderful  memories!  -Kelly