Move Over Mozart

     Currently Move Over Mozart is offered in 45 plus schools in Sonoma County.  It was established in 1988.  This year there are over 800 students in the program.  Move Over Mozart was established with a mission to offer affordable as well accessible piano lessons.  We wanted MORE children to be able to enjoy the benefits of learning music.  Our non profit, Mozart’s Amazing Musicians offers scholarships as well as instruments to students who are in need.

     Lessons are one time weekly for each group of five children that sign up and last 30 minutes.  The cost is $35.00 per month with a yearly enrollment fee of $20.00.  This is about one- fourth the cost of private piano lessons and therefore are affordable to many families who otherwise would not be able to participate.  

   The logistical factor is important too.  The piano lessons take place at your child’s school, therefore, many children can participate who would not be able to attend off site because of on site after school care or parents working schedules.

      Parents are pleased since it affords their children the opportunity to take piano lessons in conjunction with their school day.  It is convenient, since they are not taking their child to another site and waiting during the lessons, as well as very economical  compared with private lessons.              

    Our Move Over Mozart program is a great way to learn piano. We make it affordable and accessible to children.  School music teachers appreciate the program since it reinforces their own programs.